Em Hotep

Saturday 20 October 2012

Greater Ritual of Opening the way

The following ritual is part of a two fold operation, this one specifically designed to prepare the Ka of the practitioner to enter Ma'at. It prepares one to tread within the holy realms and opens the self up to the divine light of Ra, whilst utilizing this light to punish Apap and his servents, removing all influence upon the Ka as well as telling the heart to obey the Ba. I am not explaining the symbolism, not out of lazyness, but rather the fact I have no desire to discuss it. This ritual has special significance to me, and is one of my favourites ever written...


Hail unto he whom is ever in motion! He who preserved his fathers body! Ever eternal one that see's into the hidden depths of the duat in truth! Anpu! Thou beautiful Jackal! Preserver of the heart! I invoke thy name with the voice of Hu! Annunciation is within my tongue! Heka in mine throat and Sia in my sight! My voice echo's the will of Ma'at and glorifies thee in your infinity!

Break open the veil oh lord! Jackal of Jackals! Strip forth the separation between the realms and let me walk within thee! For the ectasy of knowing thou filleth my heart with joy and I rejoice in thine company as thou opens the way into thyself!

You walls between the worlds!
OPEN BY HU, OPEN WITH SIA, OPEN THROUGH MY HEKA, OPEN TO ME OH MA'AT! Measure me on thy scales and make my heart worthy you gods! That I may praise the Enneads and the primordial Ogdoad! That Ma'at may establish herself as my sovereign! I am strong as Sekhmet and knowing as the Ibis bird! My toes are the divine Falcons and my throat the throat of the god that speaketh the word that is the phoenixs name! I have leapt up the heights of Shu and stood with my feet upon the Celestial cow! Make me great that I may tread upon his barque! He whom is everlasting! Atum!! Let me be completed oh you gods! As I make mineself bleed in admiration of thou!

(Here – the Magician shall cut his chest deeply, and stamp four times, followed by ringing a bell four times. At the names of the four sons, he shall face their direction and repeat the fourfold actions)

I know the names of those four gods in their principalities! In the east stands a Jackal who's name is Duamutef! Glory to his giver! Neith!

In the South stands the mighty man! Imseti! Glory to his giver whom is Aset

In the West stands the mighty hawk! Qebesenoof! Glory to his giver who's name is Serket!

In the North stands the mighty Baboon! Hapi! Glory to his giver Nebet-het!

Behold oh thou heavens that I know the directions, and I open the way into myself and my Ba is revealed to me! May I become the Sahu and unite my Ka and Ba with my Ib! May I live forever within Ma'at for she is eternal! May I awaken with strength in my heart as the Ra rises that I may praise him! Even as I feel the kiss of Shu upon my lungs and the embrace of Tefnut in my body! For I am he who stands with his feet upon Gebeb and with his head within Nut! I am a follower of the gods and I do not submit to the will of the serpent! I excorcise and repel him! I stamp on his face, and I spit at him with wrath! I slice open his belly and cut out his entrails even as I burn him in offering to Ra! For I have routed his followers in the name of the god Amun! For I have heard the song of the Benu bird in my heart and I have been reborn! So I cry in love of thou oh Anpu! Open the way for me! That I may make myself worthy before thee and enter thine domain! Release my Ba from its bondage and the Ka from its chains! Make the heart true and steadfast within Ma'at! This I beg of thee oh lord as I am delivered from the serpent!


The next ritual to go along with this (Performed a week later) is the establishing of Ma'at.

This will (probably) Be given when its written...

Wednesday 3 October 2012

Enochian - End of Stage one

So today will be the final working with Cabmo, after a lot of changes have made themselves appear in my life.

Originally, I planned on working with Cabmo, then the Dispositor Angel beneath him in the eastern table. However, another thought has come to mind. instead of working with the next angel in the east, which could risk stagnation in the "black phase" and leave me unable to move up to the white phase (Its a constant cycle after all), I should probably move up to the Angel of the white phase, and so on and so forth. Then return to the Angel under Cabmo.

With that, I should undergo a fair few needed changes, with a month under each angel (Making the entire operation last a year, with a ritual each week) although it is possible that I end up taking a break in between operations for a month

(IE: I work with Cabmo, Cpaco, Ropna, Rdatt, then take a break, then begin again with the angels under each of them)

Thursday 27 September 2012

Planatery layers in the sphere of sensation

The Microcosm is in the Macrocosm, and so on and so forth....

I find it, interesting to note, that the "Solar" sphere, is often viewed as internal. And, after reading somewhere (From a trusted source) about Saturn, ruling the edges of ones sphere. I decided to figure out where the rest of the planets fit in to the different layers of the sphere.

If Solar, is generally viewed as "Internal", often in the heart, or the crown as its throne. Then it is interesting to note that its the (and I'm aware I sound like a retard) center of the Solar system.

Looking through the "Order" of the planets, we can see the different layers, as Saturn was the furthest planet away from Solar, that the ancients where aware of.

Here's the rough guess...

The Sun, in the center. Taking/being the aspect of Ra within man (Ra cried us into being, therefore we are part of him)

Then we have Mercury, followed by Venus. Obviously, they represent the intellectual and Emotional state, although the relationship is probably far more detailed, at this time I know little (Of any of this subject really)

Then earth, reflecting the physical body and then Luna,  of course being the "Astral" or etheric bodies, sitting somewhat on the very edges of the body (Just like Luna hangs outside the earths gravity)

Then we would have Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn.

The way this is laid out I'm not sure of yet, but it does give me a way to map out the sphere of sensation for now (Though I havn't used it in practical, but plan too soon)

Also interesting, and probably noticed by most people already is that the final three, conform to the Sephiroth, Binah to Chesed, To Geburah.

Ah fuck this I'm too tired, Half finished, I'm done!

Thursday 13 September 2012

Enochian Operation - Black Phase stage one - Cabmo

I performed my ritual as planned.

The operation went smoothly, and Cabmo was successfully invoked.

Results, have been achieved though due to personal reasons will not be discussed.

Monday 10 September 2012

Enochian Watchtower Work - Black phase - Planner

I'm hoping to start working in the Enochian Watchtowers again, as so far I've only experienced the system twice, once under the Dee and the second under Golden Dawn technique. I found the system more than capable, and easily achieved the necessary results,

I've been looking for an excuse to start the system for awhile now, and am planning a large operation to begin the alchemical "black phase" of my soul. This would be the burning of the personality, to the point that the impurities and the need for change is so great, that transmutation is REQUIRED. This would be akin to the Shamanic or "little" death, that as a friend calls it.

As the different angles are linked to different colors, and though My books not here right now, I remember the Eastern Tower being black, and these the position of the Dispositor Angels of Transformation.

Therefore, the angels I will be evoking are

Abmo - prefixed with C
NacO - prefixed with O
ocnm - prefixed with M
Shal - prefixed with A

Firstly beginning with CAbmo

The operation is going to consist of the First Call, to bring myself upwards.

This will be followed by the 7th call, and finished with the 11th. (7th referencing the East, and the 11th also referencing the Eastern house, also mentioning death, though the usage of it is unknown to me...)

Followed by the call shall be the conjuration, this will take place via the normal methods of mentioning Hierarchy etc etc.

The ritual will be performed on Saturday, most likely during the hour of Saturn.

Kinda looking forward to this ritual, whilst also dreading it, as Enochian is renowned for its potency, and this (The alchemical phase)  is something that is supposed to be painful... Lets put the insanely potent system together with the insanely painful


Thursday 30 August 2012

An Kemetic Excorcism Ritual

I've always wanted to make an excorcism ritual...

A problem I've noted, in many pagans is that we don't take hostile spirits quite as seriously as others might... The ATR's, the Ceremonial Magicians, and most other groups take their own steps against such spirits. However, we ourselves actually have very little in the way of excorcism. This ritual, requires the (FULL) assumption of the godform of Heru Sa Aset (Horus son of Isis) before being performed. Without it, the ritual can work with Sympathetic magic, and as a petition to the gods, but loses a massive part of its efficiency.

Originally, when I did this I considered making use of the "Chain of Solomon" as given in the munich manual. However, obviously that would be a qabbalastic name, and to be honest as a Kemetic, I have a problem using the names that supposedly caused the Biblical plagues in egypt (Not that I believe they did, but rather I imagine this chapter of the Bible and using Literal Qabbalah techniques is how the names are derived)

This ritual is a series of threats, and also to me feels outright potent. I guess it could also be used as a curse....

Note that the Kemetic words are

"Apep the enemy is siezed by the arms and beaten before Ra"
"The Rebel enemy is seized by the arms and beaten before me, who is Heru the perfect god"

The Kemetic tongue is to be vibrated upon each word. It should also help with the mental state.

Oh thou of Isfet, behold my might that is the might of Sekhmet
Tremble before the terror of the goddess who's wrath enflameth itself unto thee
For you have transgressed unto this temple of the gods and have rebelled against Ma'at
and turned on Ra!

Behold oh thou foe, that Khonsu have encircled thee and by his authority you have fallen before me
But it is Ra who does encircle me, and so I am within Ma'at who whispers the truth into my ear and scatters thy lies!
The imperishable stars observe and will thy defeat, even as the Enneads of the four directions come with their scourges to punish thee and pursue thee!
The tormentors of Shu and the Executioners of Sekhmet seek thy defeat, for they are entreated upon and praised as those followers of the great gods!

Apap  khufty i'at'ja hw'et kher hwa'at  Ra
Em sebi khufty i'at'ja hw'et kher hwa'at wi win'en Heru Neter Nefer

Thy rebel spirit, Submit unto me and swear an oath of servitude unto Ma'at towards me,
Lest the heavens should turn thee out, and Ausar rejects thee!
For thy heart should be thrown to Ammut if you wouldst challenge me and my authority!

Apap  khufty i'at'ja hw'et kher hwa'at  Ra
Em sebi khufty i'at'ja hw'et kher hwa'at wi win'en Heru Neter Nefer

Oh unclean one! I am Heru sa Aset, the mighty son who's strength is great! I am Strong as Herwu and Terrible as Set! and Set has taken thee unto the nile, and drowned thee in its holy waters! For Hapi and Sobek are wrathful at thy cause oh spirit! For you have rebelled against the Shining eye of Herwu!
You have spread Isfet amongst the followers of the gods, and you have promoted discord against the Enneads! Fear me, unclean one! For thy punishment approaches if thou would remain here!

Apap  khufty i'at'ja hw'et kher hwa'at  Ra
Em sebi khufty i'at'ja hw'et kher hwa'at wi win'en Heru  Neter Nefer

By the names of Anpu! Npua! Puan! Uanp!
The jackal who doth never sleep but ever stand as lord of the twilight!
By the great god Khonsu! Who did Preserve the foreigners and protect his followers!
By Wepwawet! Epwawetwa! Perwawetaw! Wawetpew! The glorius one who preserves the temple
You art subject unto me and obey my commands! Begone from this place spirit! For I have the wrath of the heavens in my Ab! (Heart)

Apap  khufty i'at'ja hw'et kher hwa'at  Ra
Em sebi khufty i'at'ja hw'et kher hwa'at wi win'en Heru  Neter Nefer

By these divine names, I do make all spirits verily subjected unto me, be their nature of heavens or the earth!
Celestial, Or Infernal! Of the Serpent or of Ra! Of Isfet or of Ma'at! It is with divine authority, as that holy eye of Heru that I would command and punish them that they obey me as that Nisuit of the heavens whose name is the Son of Aset!

Apap  khufty i'at'ja hw'et kher hwa'at  Ra
Em sebi khufty i'at'ja hw'et kher hwa'at wi win'en Heru Neter Nefer!

Monday 27 August 2012

Interesting development

So since I started work with Gremory, its been interesting to note that I've had nightmares for the last few days..

Now, I'm not a fan of banishing external energies, and I wasn't expecting anything bad to happen to me from this working. However due to the...disturbing nature of the images, I performed a banishing ritual this morning. (I DO NOT banish on a daily basis, rather I invoke divine energies into my temple and sphere which is far more powerful than simply removing the "other" energies, as those energies overwhelm and scatter the hostile ones. Personally I find a banishing good for personal mental disquiet or stress, when even my gods energies will make my head scream and pop)

The first dream, I don't remember.

The second Dream, took place whilst I wore my Enochian Ring, The worker of wonders - PELE. As I do when I feel threatened. (Also note, that whilst wearing this I usually have pretty heavy dreams) and involved Giants breaking into a castle, that was shaped like helms deep. They where giant yellow things... don't remmeber much more.

Thirdly, last night was the most troubling.

I had blagged my way into a hotel and gotten free rooms, however only to eavesdrop on friends. The final result, somehow is watching a father rape his daughter in a cellar....Me and my friends stumbled in on him and went to kill him, then I awoke.