Em Hotep

Wednesday 3 October 2012

Enochian - End of Stage one

So today will be the final working with Cabmo, after a lot of changes have made themselves appear in my life.

Originally, I planned on working with Cabmo, then the Dispositor Angel beneath him in the eastern table. However, another thought has come to mind. instead of working with the next angel in the east, which could risk stagnation in the "black phase" and leave me unable to move up to the white phase (Its a constant cycle after all), I should probably move up to the Angel of the white phase, and so on and so forth. Then return to the Angel under Cabmo.

With that, I should undergo a fair few needed changes, with a month under each angel (Making the entire operation last a year, with a ritual each week) although it is possible that I end up taking a break in between operations for a month

(IE: I work with Cabmo, Cpaco, Ropna, Rdatt, then take a break, then begin again with the angels under each of them)

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