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Thursday 30 August 2012

An Kemetic Excorcism Ritual

I've always wanted to make an excorcism ritual...

A problem I've noted, in many pagans is that we don't take hostile spirits quite as seriously as others might... The ATR's, the Ceremonial Magicians, and most other groups take their own steps against such spirits. However, we ourselves actually have very little in the way of excorcism. This ritual, requires the (FULL) assumption of the godform of Heru Sa Aset (Horus son of Isis) before being performed. Without it, the ritual can work with Sympathetic magic, and as a petition to the gods, but loses a massive part of its efficiency.

Originally, when I did this I considered making use of the "Chain of Solomon" as given in the munich manual. However, obviously that would be a qabbalastic name, and to be honest as a Kemetic, I have a problem using the names that supposedly caused the Biblical plagues in egypt (Not that I believe they did, but rather I imagine this chapter of the Bible and using Literal Qabbalah techniques is how the names are derived)

This ritual is a series of threats, and also to me feels outright potent. I guess it could also be used as a curse....

Note that the Kemetic words are

"Apep the enemy is siezed by the arms and beaten before Ra"
"The Rebel enemy is seized by the arms and beaten before me, who is Heru the perfect god"

The Kemetic tongue is to be vibrated upon each word. It should also help with the mental state.

Oh thou of Isfet, behold my might that is the might of Sekhmet
Tremble before the terror of the goddess who's wrath enflameth itself unto thee
For you have transgressed unto this temple of the gods and have rebelled against Ma'at
and turned on Ra!

Behold oh thou foe, that Khonsu have encircled thee and by his authority you have fallen before me
But it is Ra who does encircle me, and so I am within Ma'at who whispers the truth into my ear and scatters thy lies!
The imperishable stars observe and will thy defeat, even as the Enneads of the four directions come with their scourges to punish thee and pursue thee!
The tormentors of Shu and the Executioners of Sekhmet seek thy defeat, for they are entreated upon and praised as those followers of the great gods!

Apap  khufty i'at'ja hw'et kher hwa'at  Ra
Em sebi khufty i'at'ja hw'et kher hwa'at wi win'en Heru Neter Nefer

Thy rebel spirit, Submit unto me and swear an oath of servitude unto Ma'at towards me,
Lest the heavens should turn thee out, and Ausar rejects thee!
For thy heart should be thrown to Ammut if you wouldst challenge me and my authority!

Apap  khufty i'at'ja hw'et kher hwa'at  Ra
Em sebi khufty i'at'ja hw'et kher hwa'at wi win'en Heru Neter Nefer

Oh unclean one! I am Heru sa Aset, the mighty son who's strength is great! I am Strong as Herwu and Terrible as Set! and Set has taken thee unto the nile, and drowned thee in its holy waters! For Hapi and Sobek are wrathful at thy cause oh spirit! For you have rebelled against the Shining eye of Herwu!
You have spread Isfet amongst the followers of the gods, and you have promoted discord against the Enneads! Fear me, unclean one! For thy punishment approaches if thou would remain here!

Apap  khufty i'at'ja hw'et kher hwa'at  Ra
Em sebi khufty i'at'ja hw'et kher hwa'at wi win'en Heru  Neter Nefer

By the names of Anpu! Npua! Puan! Uanp!
The jackal who doth never sleep but ever stand as lord of the twilight!
By the great god Khonsu! Who did Preserve the foreigners and protect his followers!
By Wepwawet! Epwawetwa! Perwawetaw! Wawetpew! The glorius one who preserves the temple
You art subject unto me and obey my commands! Begone from this place spirit! For I have the wrath of the heavens in my Ab! (Heart)

Apap  khufty i'at'ja hw'et kher hwa'at  Ra
Em sebi khufty i'at'ja hw'et kher hwa'at wi win'en Heru  Neter Nefer

By these divine names, I do make all spirits verily subjected unto me, be their nature of heavens or the earth!
Celestial, Or Infernal! Of the Serpent or of Ra! Of Isfet or of Ma'at! It is with divine authority, as that holy eye of Heru that I would command and punish them that they obey me as that Nisuit of the heavens whose name is the Son of Aset!

Apap  khufty i'at'ja hw'et kher hwa'at  Ra
Em sebi khufty i'at'ja hw'et kher hwa'at wi win'en Heru Neter Nefer!

Monday 27 August 2012

Interesting development

So since I started work with Gremory, its been interesting to note that I've had nightmares for the last few days..

Now, I'm not a fan of banishing external energies, and I wasn't expecting anything bad to happen to me from this working. However due to the...disturbing nature of the images, I performed a banishing ritual this morning. (I DO NOT banish on a daily basis, rather I invoke divine energies into my temple and sphere which is far more powerful than simply removing the "other" energies, as those energies overwhelm and scatter the hostile ones. Personally I find a banishing good for personal mental disquiet or stress, when even my gods energies will make my head scream and pop)

The first dream, I don't remember.

The second Dream, took place whilst I wore my Enochian Ring, The worker of wonders - PELE. As I do when I feel threatened. (Also note, that whilst wearing this I usually have pretty heavy dreams) and involved Giants breaking into a castle, that was shaped like helms deep. They where giant yellow things... don't remmeber much more.

Thirdly, last night was the most troubling.

I had blagged my way into a hotel and gotten free rooms, however only to eavesdrop on friends. The final result, somehow is watching a father rape his daughter in a cellar....Me and my friends stumbled in on him and went to kill him, then I awoke.

Tuesday 21 August 2012

First Lemegeton based Evocation

So I evoked the spirit Gremory today, and it was definately worth it.

He was co-operative and helpful, with none of the hassle I'd been worrying about.

I started of by drawing the circle out of chalk (traditional excluding certain parts of it that needed replacement) at around 12pm along with the triangle.

This was followed by the Ritual at around 8pm, of which I Evoked him whilst wearing Ritual robes, Pentacle of Solomon, Bearing the Siggilium Dei Aemeth in my hand, wearing the PELE ring of Solomon, and also the  Enochian Lamen. By multiple divine names I called him and he came, as was made clear by a small change of the incense smokes colour to orange every twenty seconds or so.

In return for my desires, I gave him the following offerings

During the ritual - Food, Drink and Incense

If I recieved a Dream reply to my petition (In case my scryin sucked) I will give - 1 bottle of wine

If the task is completed in 1 month - Blood, Food & Drink, (A cooked meal and tea)  WHOLE 15 pack of incense to him, another bottle of wine, 7 days of 5 minute energetic meditations to his seal, (one of these I shall use 5 candles)  and also I will buy a Silver ring and bury it in honour of him.

Within 2 months, upon completion I shall give - Blood, food, drink, a whole pack of incense, and another Bottle of wine

The above, was for an extremely important job, and so wasn't too much. In fact a good price for what I get out of it...

I will also spread his name around and make sure people are encouraged to work with him...Seriously, if this worked and he does as requested, then he is worth working with.

Sunday 19 August 2012

Talisman of Earth

The following ritual is designed to create a Tablet or Talisman of earth.

The ritual is based primarily on the association with Four and its connection to this element, the nature of Heh as being in assiah, and the element of Earth being the primary aspect of Assiah and therefore is also connected to the number four, Heh being the fourth tettragrammaton. Also of importance is that 4 holds symbolism in Kemet as completion, if we follow the associations given in David Rankines book Heka. This is shown through the four legs of the heavenly cow etc, and therefore links with the idea of the Heh.

There are four symbols, the name of Gebeb, the earth god of Kemet at the bottom in Heiroglyphs. Auriel at the left hand side, the words NANTA (Earth) in enochian at the top and the name of the Archangel Sandalphon and the letter HEH on the right hand side. Also in the centre is the Alchemical symbol of earth, surrounded by four Heh's that create a swastika that represents the four directions.

The talisman. The block on the right is supposed to be a foot
The image SHOULD be carved or painted onto a large flat rock.
The Consecration Ritual and Invocation of the Symbolism to intergrate it

The earth be praised, for behold thou it is the final manifestation of the heavens, it is complete and is!
Behold that this place is filled with the breath of Nanta for as it hath grown from the spark into being.
These words shalt come into being as they too emerge from the spark
So I do duly and sincerely consecrate this Tablet of Earth by the name of N-A-N-T-A
Now it is by the name of H-E-H the fourth, of Y-O-D  H-E-H  V-A-U  H-E-H
and by the divine agency of S
-A-N-D-A-L-P-H-O-N that this tablet would become the truth of Earthly manifestation and its completion as Assiah. 
Most glorious is the Tettragrammaton, and S-A-N-D-A-L-P-H-O-N who is in H-E-H
Thirdly, I do consecrate this image by the authority of the north who is ruled thus by A-U-R-I-E-L and under him I empower thee by P-O-R-L-A-K-H and thus you art the Dry Coldness of the earth
May you be Hale oh thou great Angels, may the divine bless thine station and authourity as it blesses this Tablet with its earthly presence
And now, fourthly and finally for four is the number of the earth and completion, for it is the number of the Lesser Heh who is the reciever, and also for those four pillars and the four legs of the Cow, also that is four in count is the heavens, earth, sky and beneath within the halls of Ausar, but behold thou that before the halls be reached that the earth must be opened and thus the Hall of Geb must be made access unto, therefore by the name and divinity of Geb I do consecrate this Tablet fourthly and finally, that it may act as the Key unto the earth behold thou of earth that this Tablet is the divine earth and completion in itself, for it is the very essence, and from it, the cycle begins again 


Method of Evoking and Scrying the Spiritual Genius

The following is being posted after I boasted about finally being able to scry to Rufus Opus, who's blog is Here. Who then asked me the methods I had used. The method I used is actually based partially on my own with the exception of the usual evocation Procedure and also the name derivement of my Genius. The deriving of the name came from RO's book regarding the Genius and it is something definately worth obtaining for those who don't already have it!

The method I used involved certain tools and was more effective than others I've used so far.

The first of these tools, is the Triangle of Manifestation, based on the Triangle of Art however with the Godnames being changed to Kemetic Deities, firstly being

Sia, - Perception
Nut - The deity whom is the heavens
Geb - The deity who is the earth upon which we walk and beneath whom is the underworld.

Both the last two deities (who are also lovers, heaven and earth until seperated by Shu) are also Cthonic in nature, underneath Geb we have the underworld, and also upon and above Nut we have another realm where the god Ra sails upon and is devoured to be reborn from Nut. Therefore we can see that these two deities are potent for establishing otherworldly connections with Heavenly, Cthonic, Elemental, Planatery and Earthly spirits and allow the triangle to "Bridge" those realms together that it may act as a Portal.

The final name Sia, acts to allow perception of these energies and spirits.

  The gods Nut, Shu and Geb. Nut is on top, Geb beneath.
Shu (Air) holds them up. There is a LOT of symbolism in this image, 
and a papyri version hangs on my wall.

The Triangle of Manifestation

With the Triangle of Manifestation and Perception, I also thought back on something said by the Angel Michael to John Dee regarding the Sigillium Dei Aemeth of the Enochian Magic system  (Reference: Dean Wilsons Enochian in Theory and John Dee's Diaries.) 

"Note, out of this circle shall no creature pass that entereth, if it be made upon the earth. My meaning is, if he be defiled. This shalt thou prove to be a mystery unknown to man. Beasts, birds, foul and fish do all reverence to it. In this they were all created. In this, is all things contained."

Therefore I feel that the symbolism of the Sigillium (or at least, the outer circle to which the above was a reference too) is almost certainly appropriate  in combination with the Triangle. (Admittedly, its mixing the traditions, but it works! the important part) as both of these things represent the universe and the manifestation, and infinite of the divine, as well as the Sigillium being able to contain any hostile spirits as shown by Michaels quote.

Therefore, for this reason I decided to place the Sigillium over the black circle.

Those are the tools I used anyway as well as candles and incense and robes etc etc.

The next part, is the usage of my standard ritual routine. Prayer, and meditation as well as the Invocation Ritual of the Solar Eye of Heru (Horus) to clear the space and consecrate it. (The invocation of the Luna eye being performed on Full moons only, as when the Moon wanes the eye has been cut out by Set)
Finally was the invocation of My Genius who goes un-named. However the Ritual in Enochian shall be written here with NAME replacing the genius name.


"Adoian Baltoh Alar Anetab Casarm I Aziazor I-I Iad Aoiveae NAME Biab Dooaip La I Idlvgam Iadpil Molap Gohol Ils NAME Imvamar Lansh Mirc Cordziz Casarm Cicle Brin Camliax Eol Emetgis De Aoiveae Casarma Gnai Noasmi Hoath

Gohvs F NAME Fafen Faaip Matorb Micalzo Hom Mirc Manin Molap"


"The face of Rightousness hath settled in goverment to whom is in likeness and is the god.
The star ____ Stands in the name of the first and is given to him of men, saying Oh thou _____ Apply yourself to us in power exalted, upon man to whom the mysteries have spake. I made the seal of the star whom does let them become a true worshipper

I say visit us ______ to the intent that your voices echoing in power lives upon the mind of men"

The meaning and intent being that the first part references the Divine spark within man, and recognizes the authority of the Genius whilst the second part speaks of a star assigned to man (who is the Genius)  and it beseeches him to apply himself to the Magus through the fact that the magus seeks the divine and therefore through the divine does the Genius appear.  The final part, references the creation of the seal/Sigil of the spirit and asking the voice of the Genius to speak in the mind of the Magician that he may have his attention.

Once performed I meditated upon my Crystal ball above the Sigillium (shown in the image) and Asked the Angel Michael to provide me assistance in scrying. The great angel obliged me kindly and it was (for the first time ever in my scrying career) a success! 

In short

Ritual format used

1. Prepare tools, Light incense and Candles and Don robes
2. Perform Ritual such as LBR, Invocation of The Solar Eye (As given later on) or other consecration of space
3. Give Prayers to the deities Sia, Nut and Geb, recognizing their authority as well as any other deities.
4. Pray the Genius appear before you under the divine and place his Seal or Sigil on your chest and on the triangle
5. Invoke the Genius via the Enochian ritual
6. Stare at the Crystal ball and tap into the energies of the seal on your chest and the triangle and thank Genius for coming. Then...erm...Talk!