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Monday 27 August 2012

Interesting development

So since I started work with Gremory, its been interesting to note that I've had nightmares for the last few days..

Now, I'm not a fan of banishing external energies, and I wasn't expecting anything bad to happen to me from this working. However due to the...disturbing nature of the images, I performed a banishing ritual this morning. (I DO NOT banish on a daily basis, rather I invoke divine energies into my temple and sphere which is far more powerful than simply removing the "other" energies, as those energies overwhelm and scatter the hostile ones. Personally I find a banishing good for personal mental disquiet or stress, when even my gods energies will make my head scream and pop)

The first dream, I don't remember.

The second Dream, took place whilst I wore my Enochian Ring, The worker of wonders - PELE. As I do when I feel threatened. (Also note, that whilst wearing this I usually have pretty heavy dreams) and involved Giants breaking into a castle, that was shaped like helms deep. They where giant yellow things... don't remmeber much more.

Thirdly, last night was the most troubling.

I had blagged my way into a hotel and gotten free rooms, however only to eavesdrop on friends. The final result, somehow is watching a father rape his daughter in a cellar....Me and my friends stumbled in on him and went to kill him, then I awoke.

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