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Saturday 20 October 2012

Greater Ritual of Opening the way

The following ritual is part of a two fold operation, this one specifically designed to prepare the Ka of the practitioner to enter Ma'at. It prepares one to tread within the holy realms and opens the self up to the divine light of Ra, whilst utilizing this light to punish Apap and his servents, removing all influence upon the Ka as well as telling the heart to obey the Ba. I am not explaining the symbolism, not out of lazyness, but rather the fact I have no desire to discuss it. This ritual has special significance to me, and is one of my favourites ever written...


Hail unto he whom is ever in motion! He who preserved his fathers body! Ever eternal one that see's into the hidden depths of the duat in truth! Anpu! Thou beautiful Jackal! Preserver of the heart! I invoke thy name with the voice of Hu! Annunciation is within my tongue! Heka in mine throat and Sia in my sight! My voice echo's the will of Ma'at and glorifies thee in your infinity!

Break open the veil oh lord! Jackal of Jackals! Strip forth the separation between the realms and let me walk within thee! For the ectasy of knowing thou filleth my heart with joy and I rejoice in thine company as thou opens the way into thyself!

You walls between the worlds!
OPEN BY HU, OPEN WITH SIA, OPEN THROUGH MY HEKA, OPEN TO ME OH MA'AT! Measure me on thy scales and make my heart worthy you gods! That I may praise the Enneads and the primordial Ogdoad! That Ma'at may establish herself as my sovereign! I am strong as Sekhmet and knowing as the Ibis bird! My toes are the divine Falcons and my throat the throat of the god that speaketh the word that is the phoenixs name! I have leapt up the heights of Shu and stood with my feet upon the Celestial cow! Make me great that I may tread upon his barque! He whom is everlasting! Atum!! Let me be completed oh you gods! As I make mineself bleed in admiration of thou!

(Here – the Magician shall cut his chest deeply, and stamp four times, followed by ringing a bell four times. At the names of the four sons, he shall face their direction and repeat the fourfold actions)

I know the names of those four gods in their principalities! In the east stands a Jackal who's name is Duamutef! Glory to his giver! Neith!

In the South stands the mighty man! Imseti! Glory to his giver whom is Aset

In the West stands the mighty hawk! Qebesenoof! Glory to his giver who's name is Serket!

In the North stands the mighty Baboon! Hapi! Glory to his giver Nebet-het!

Behold oh thou heavens that I know the directions, and I open the way into myself and my Ba is revealed to me! May I become the Sahu and unite my Ka and Ba with my Ib! May I live forever within Ma'at for she is eternal! May I awaken with strength in my heart as the Ra rises that I may praise him! Even as I feel the kiss of Shu upon my lungs and the embrace of Tefnut in my body! For I am he who stands with his feet upon Gebeb and with his head within Nut! I am a follower of the gods and I do not submit to the will of the serpent! I excorcise and repel him! I stamp on his face, and I spit at him with wrath! I slice open his belly and cut out his entrails even as I burn him in offering to Ra! For I have routed his followers in the name of the god Amun! For I have heard the song of the Benu bird in my heart and I have been reborn! So I cry in love of thou oh Anpu! Open the way for me! That I may make myself worthy before thee and enter thine domain! Release my Ba from its bondage and the Ka from its chains! Make the heart true and steadfast within Ma'at! This I beg of thee oh lord as I am delivered from the serpent!


The next ritual to go along with this (Performed a week later) is the establishing of Ma'at.

This will (probably) Be given when its written...

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