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Sunday, 19 August 2012

Method of Evoking and Scrying the Spiritual Genius

The following is being posted after I boasted about finally being able to scry to Rufus Opus, who's blog is Here. Who then asked me the methods I had used. The method I used is actually based partially on my own with the exception of the usual evocation Procedure and also the name derivement of my Genius. The deriving of the name came from RO's book regarding the Genius and it is something definately worth obtaining for those who don't already have it!

The method I used involved certain tools and was more effective than others I've used so far.

The first of these tools, is the Triangle of Manifestation, based on the Triangle of Art however with the Godnames being changed to Kemetic Deities, firstly being

Sia, - Perception
Nut - The deity whom is the heavens
Geb - The deity who is the earth upon which we walk and beneath whom is the underworld.

Both the last two deities (who are also lovers, heaven and earth until seperated by Shu) are also Cthonic in nature, underneath Geb we have the underworld, and also upon and above Nut we have another realm where the god Ra sails upon and is devoured to be reborn from Nut. Therefore we can see that these two deities are potent for establishing otherworldly connections with Heavenly, Cthonic, Elemental, Planatery and Earthly spirits and allow the triangle to "Bridge" those realms together that it may act as a Portal.

The final name Sia, acts to allow perception of these energies and spirits.

  The gods Nut, Shu and Geb. Nut is on top, Geb beneath.
Shu (Air) holds them up. There is a LOT of symbolism in this image, 
and a papyri version hangs on my wall.

The Triangle of Manifestation

With the Triangle of Manifestation and Perception, I also thought back on something said by the Angel Michael to John Dee regarding the Sigillium Dei Aemeth of the Enochian Magic system  (Reference: Dean Wilsons Enochian in Theory and John Dee's Diaries.) 

"Note, out of this circle shall no creature pass that entereth, if it be made upon the earth. My meaning is, if he be defiled. This shalt thou prove to be a mystery unknown to man. Beasts, birds, foul and fish do all reverence to it. In this they were all created. In this, is all things contained."

Therefore I feel that the symbolism of the Sigillium (or at least, the outer circle to which the above was a reference too) is almost certainly appropriate  in combination with the Triangle. (Admittedly, its mixing the traditions, but it works! the important part) as both of these things represent the universe and the manifestation, and infinite of the divine, as well as the Sigillium being able to contain any hostile spirits as shown by Michaels quote.

Therefore, for this reason I decided to place the Sigillium over the black circle.

Those are the tools I used anyway as well as candles and incense and robes etc etc.

The next part, is the usage of my standard ritual routine. Prayer, and meditation as well as the Invocation Ritual of the Solar Eye of Heru (Horus) to clear the space and consecrate it. (The invocation of the Luna eye being performed on Full moons only, as when the Moon wanes the eye has been cut out by Set)
Finally was the invocation of My Genius who goes un-named. However the Ritual in Enochian shall be written here with NAME replacing the genius name.


"Adoian Baltoh Alar Anetab Casarm I Aziazor I-I Iad Aoiveae NAME Biab Dooaip La I Idlvgam Iadpil Molap Gohol Ils NAME Imvamar Lansh Mirc Cordziz Casarm Cicle Brin Camliax Eol Emetgis De Aoiveae Casarma Gnai Noasmi Hoath

Gohvs F NAME Fafen Faaip Matorb Micalzo Hom Mirc Manin Molap"


"The face of Rightousness hath settled in goverment to whom is in likeness and is the god.
The star ____ Stands in the name of the first and is given to him of men, saying Oh thou _____ Apply yourself to us in power exalted, upon man to whom the mysteries have spake. I made the seal of the star whom does let them become a true worshipper

I say visit us ______ to the intent that your voices echoing in power lives upon the mind of men"

The meaning and intent being that the first part references the Divine spark within man, and recognizes the authority of the Genius whilst the second part speaks of a star assigned to man (who is the Genius)  and it beseeches him to apply himself to the Magus through the fact that the magus seeks the divine and therefore through the divine does the Genius appear.  The final part, references the creation of the seal/Sigil of the spirit and asking the voice of the Genius to speak in the mind of the Magician that he may have his attention.

Once performed I meditated upon my Crystal ball above the Sigillium (shown in the image) and Asked the Angel Michael to provide me assistance in scrying. The great angel obliged me kindly and it was (for the first time ever in my scrying career) a success! 

In short

Ritual format used

1. Prepare tools, Light incense and Candles and Don robes
2. Perform Ritual such as LBR, Invocation of The Solar Eye (As given later on) or other consecration of space
3. Give Prayers to the deities Sia, Nut and Geb, recognizing their authority as well as any other deities.
4. Pray the Genius appear before you under the divine and place his Seal or Sigil on your chest and on the triangle
5. Invoke the Genius via the Enochian ritual
6. Stare at the Crystal ball and tap into the energies of the seal on your chest and the triangle and thank Genius for coming. Then...erm...Talk!

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