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Sunday, 19 August 2012

Talisman of Earth

The following ritual is designed to create a Tablet or Talisman of earth.

The ritual is based primarily on the association with Four and its connection to this element, the nature of Heh as being in assiah, and the element of Earth being the primary aspect of Assiah and therefore is also connected to the number four, Heh being the fourth tettragrammaton. Also of importance is that 4 holds symbolism in Kemet as completion, if we follow the associations given in David Rankines book Heka. This is shown through the four legs of the heavenly cow etc, and therefore links with the idea of the Heh.

There are four symbols, the name of Gebeb, the earth god of Kemet at the bottom in Heiroglyphs. Auriel at the left hand side, the words NANTA (Earth) in enochian at the top and the name of the Archangel Sandalphon and the letter HEH on the right hand side. Also in the centre is the Alchemical symbol of earth, surrounded by four Heh's that create a swastika that represents the four directions.

The talisman. The block on the right is supposed to be a foot
The image SHOULD be carved or painted onto a large flat rock.
The Consecration Ritual and Invocation of the Symbolism to intergrate it

The earth be praised, for behold thou it is the final manifestation of the heavens, it is complete and is!
Behold that this place is filled with the breath of Nanta for as it hath grown from the spark into being.
These words shalt come into being as they too emerge from the spark
So I do duly and sincerely consecrate this Tablet of Earth by the name of N-A-N-T-A
Now it is by the name of H-E-H the fourth, of Y-O-D  H-E-H  V-A-U  H-E-H
and by the divine agency of S
-A-N-D-A-L-P-H-O-N that this tablet would become the truth of Earthly manifestation and its completion as Assiah. 
Most glorious is the Tettragrammaton, and S-A-N-D-A-L-P-H-O-N who is in H-E-H
Thirdly, I do consecrate this image by the authority of the north who is ruled thus by A-U-R-I-E-L and under him I empower thee by P-O-R-L-A-K-H and thus you art the Dry Coldness of the earth
May you be Hale oh thou great Angels, may the divine bless thine station and authourity as it blesses this Tablet with its earthly presence
And now, fourthly and finally for four is the number of the earth and completion, for it is the number of the Lesser Heh who is the reciever, and also for those four pillars and the four legs of the Cow, also that is four in count is the heavens, earth, sky and beneath within the halls of Ausar, but behold thou that before the halls be reached that the earth must be opened and thus the Hall of Geb must be made access unto, therefore by the name and divinity of Geb I do consecrate this Tablet fourthly and finally, that it may act as the Key unto the earth behold thou of earth that this Tablet is the divine earth and completion in itself, for it is the very essence, and from it, the cycle begins again 


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