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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

First Lemegeton based Evocation

So I evoked the spirit Gremory today, and it was definately worth it.

He was co-operative and helpful, with none of the hassle I'd been worrying about.

I started of by drawing the circle out of chalk (traditional excluding certain parts of it that needed replacement) at around 12pm along with the triangle.

This was followed by the Ritual at around 8pm, of which I Evoked him whilst wearing Ritual robes, Pentacle of Solomon, Bearing the Siggilium Dei Aemeth in my hand, wearing the PELE ring of Solomon, and also the  Enochian Lamen. By multiple divine names I called him and he came, as was made clear by a small change of the incense smokes colour to orange every twenty seconds or so.

In return for my desires, I gave him the following offerings

During the ritual - Food, Drink and Incense

If I recieved a Dream reply to my petition (In case my scryin sucked) I will give - 1 bottle of wine

If the task is completed in 1 month - Blood, Food & Drink, (A cooked meal and tea)  WHOLE 15 pack of incense to him, another bottle of wine, 7 days of 5 minute energetic meditations to his seal, (one of these I shall use 5 candles)  and also I will buy a Silver ring and bury it in honour of him.

Within 2 months, upon completion I shall give - Blood, food, drink, a whole pack of incense, and another Bottle of wine

The above, was for an extremely important job, and so wasn't too much. In fact a good price for what I get out of it...

I will also spread his name around and make sure people are encouraged to work with him...Seriously, if this worked and he does as requested, then he is worth working with.

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