Em Hotep

Friday, 18 May 2012

An adoration of Anpu

Oh thou beloved lord, Unto thee the mystery
Thou art, My master, to whom I give myself utterly unto
Thy prince of the twilight gates, Lord of the eternal duat
Be thou as a guiding light unto me, as I traverse the darkness
Without thee, I am blind and deaf to all save thy unmovable love
Strong are you, O mighty one of the Udjat eye
Whom did form the fathomless twilight haze

Thou art union of Luna and Solar
The lord of life and unlife
Oh master who guideth his follower through the halls of Shadow
Breaking those whom would deter him, Holy art thou Anpu!
Mine lord
Ma'at is with thee and I give my love unto thou
For you art the Lord of Libation, and keeper of the secrets
Bearer of the Holy Seal and Sceptre, For thou expel the enemy from the twilight temple
Thou didst cut me a path through the reeds with thine knife
For you art him, behold thou art him who is silent!

Take me in thy Ka my lord, My heart shines in love of thou
Enfold me in thy essence, Oh He who walks un-hindered through the Darkness
Thy name is the one who brings Ma'at to the wastes
Thou art the master, the true light of mine being,
Thou art the eternal twilight


  1. This is great - where is it from?

  2. cool i like this one. i think i will give this a try. :)