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Thursday, 27 September 2012

Planatery layers in the sphere of sensation

The Microcosm is in the Macrocosm, and so on and so forth....

I find it, interesting to note, that the "Solar" sphere, is often viewed as internal. And, after reading somewhere (From a trusted source) about Saturn, ruling the edges of ones sphere. I decided to figure out where the rest of the planets fit in to the different layers of the sphere.

If Solar, is generally viewed as "Internal", often in the heart, or the crown as its throne. Then it is interesting to note that its the (and I'm aware I sound like a retard) center of the Solar system.

Looking through the "Order" of the planets, we can see the different layers, as Saturn was the furthest planet away from Solar, that the ancients where aware of.

Here's the rough guess...

The Sun, in the center. Taking/being the aspect of Ra within man (Ra cried us into being, therefore we are part of him)

Then we have Mercury, followed by Venus. Obviously, they represent the intellectual and Emotional state, although the relationship is probably far more detailed, at this time I know little (Of any of this subject really)

Then earth, reflecting the physical body and then Luna,  of course being the "Astral" or etheric bodies, sitting somewhat on the very edges of the body (Just like Luna hangs outside the earths gravity)

Then we would have Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn.

The way this is laid out I'm not sure of yet, but it does give me a way to map out the sphere of sensation for now (Though I havn't used it in practical, but plan too soon)

Also interesting, and probably noticed by most people already is that the final three, conform to the Sephiroth, Binah to Chesed, To Geburah.

Ah fuck this I'm too tired, Half finished, I'm done!

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